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Casareccia / Cavatelli

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Casareccia / Cavatelli

What is the difference between casareccia and cavatelli pasta?

Casareccia pasta and cavatelli pasta are very similar, but casareccia pasta is slightly longer and thinner than cavatelli. They are both folded pastas, as they were traditionally made in Southern Italy by rolling pasta dough around a small pin or stick. Both are short pastas, but cavatelli noodles are especially small and fat, and people often use their fingers to make the indentation in cavatelli wider.

Where do these types of pasta come from?

These two types of pasta come to you from Sicily in Southern Italy. The name “casareccia” actually translates from Italian into “homemade” or “home-style” in English. These types of pasta are made from durum wheat semolina flour, water, and salt. That’s it!

What pasta recipes can I make with casareccia and cavatelli?

The best way to eat casareccia and cavatelli is with a rustic, thick Southern Italian sauce. Cavatelli recipes, especially, are meant to be enjoyed with hearty meats and vegetables in the pasta dish. Pasta dishes that feature these types of pasta can also be made with seafood.

What types of casareccia and cavatelli does Supermarket Italy have?

Supermarket Italy sells several types of casareccia and cavatelli pasta, including Garofalo Casarecce Gluten-Free made of corn, rice, and quinoa. We also offer Cucina & Amore Organic Casarecce Pasta. Some of our pasta can also be purchased as multi-packs.