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What is ditalini?

Ditalini (also referred to as tubettini) is a small ring pasta noodle. The literal translation from the Italian language to English is "small thimbles,” and in certain regions the pasta is described as "salad macaroni." Commonly used as a pasta for soups such as Pasta e Fagioli, the delicate shape of ditalini makes it a superb pasta addition that will absorb broth flavor and still remain tender.  

What kinds of ditalini can I buy? 

Supermarket Italy has the ditalini you need for pasta salad, soup and more. Barilla, the classic Blue Box Pasta, offers Pasta Ditalini in a 1 lb size. For those with gluten sensitivities or Celiac disease, Le Veneziane Ditalini Corn Gluten-Free Pasta  and La Fabbrica Della Pasta Gluten Free Ditaloni Rigati are two great pasta noodle options that everyone can enjoy.

What can I make with ditalini? 

Its size being ideal for fitting on a spoon, ditalini is a perfect pasta for soup. Add this ring pasta to minestrone, chicken noodle soup, Pasta e Fagioli, or even a hearty beef stew. Ditalini may be used in several pasta dishes, including cold and hot pasta salad. For a regional specialty, try pasta chi vruocculi 'rriminati, a pasta and broccoli dish found in Sicily.