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Spicy Spreads

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What is a hot spread?

At Supermarket Italy, our extensive selection of condiments includes different types of hot spreads, a type of spicy sauce made from hot peppers and Italian seasonings. The wonderful thing about spicy spreads is their versatility, which is why they are essential items to include in your cooking arsenal. They can add a spicy kick to many types of dishes, from pasta and pizza to sandwiches-and much more. The heat of the peppers also helps to enhance the other ingredients in the dish, especially when used in a balanced amount. Read More

Different Uses of Spread Sauce

Spice up your favorite meals with spicy spreads from Supermarket Italy, which are available in several flavors. A best-selling spread sauce is Rose Marina by Tutto Calabria, which means 'hot peppers with little fish,’ referring to the main ingredients that give the spread a rich and substantial bite. In this tasty hot spread, the icefish are seasoned with hot chili peppers, extra virgin olive oil, and other spices. Made with fresh, hand-picked vegetables from the heartland of Italy, Tutto Calabria hot spread can be used straight out of the jar as a convenient sauce for pasta, pizza, crackers, and other starchy foundations.

Another popular Tutto Calabria item is the popular Miscela Explosiva spread sauce, a hearty and flavorful combination of marinated artichokes, mushrooms, dried tomatoes, eggplant, and other vegetables. It all comes together with hot peppers and seasonings, which lend a pungent twist to your favorite meals. You can use this Italian hot spread sauce as a chunky and satisfying pizza topping or spread it onto toast and paninis. With a fresh and delicious flavor, this convenient and easy to use hot spread is a must-have have condiment for bringing to life basic ingredients like pasta, risotto, and bread.

Supermarket Italy's selection of Italian hot spread sauce also includes top Italian brands like Coluccio and their signature Neonata Calabrese sauce. This spicy fish appetizer is a simple and effortless way to give your meals a Calabrian style update. Give your ingredients a flavorful zing with a tasty mix of dried hot peppers, dried sweet peppers, icefish, and extra virgin olive oil.

When you include spreadable spicy salami by Nduja on your shopping checklist, get ready to infuse your everyday recipes with the rich and pungent flavors of traditional Italian cured meat. This soft salami can be spread onto sandwiches or used as a tasty dip for breadsticks and toast points. Perfect for an authentic Calabrian sandwich, the special blend of Italian seasonings makes this salami spread a satisfying ingredient for pairing with Italian cheese. You can also use it to make small bite appetizers by spreading it on crackers and topping with fresh crudites, herbs, and spices.

An original hot sauce from Tunisia, Dea Harissa hot sauce is now made in France with premium-quality vegetables and chilis seasoned with a proprietary blend of caraway, coriander, and garlic. Try adding a few drops to couscous, pizza, stir-fry, sauces, and many other dishes for a punch of heat that gives savory dishes an intense complexity and flavor.

For a touch of artisanal gourmet, Terrapin Ridge Farms hot pepper bacon jam tastes marvelous as a topping for Italian cheese. Flavored with real bacon, this hot spread combines jalapenos and roasted red peppers for a hint of smokiness. Try spooning it over cream cheese and crackers for a quick and delicious appetizer. It also tastes sublime as a condiment on sandwiches, wraps, or paninis.

Where to buy spicy spreads

Welcome to Supermarket Italy, the #1 source for hot spreads by the finest brands such as Tutto Calabria, Coluccio, Nduja, and Terrapin Ridge Farms. When you buy spicy spreads from Supermarket Italy, you can enjoy the convenience of affordable, top quality imports delivered directly to your door.