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What are syrups?

An essential ingredient in both sweet and savory foods, syrups are made from different types of sugar dissolved in water and infused with other flavors. Each type of syrup has a unique taste that can transform your favorite recipes, from cocktails to pancakes. Read More

A must-have for the liquor cabinet, grenadine syrup adds a reddish/pink color to cocktails while the sweet and fruity flavors help to mellow the bite of Bourbon or other strong spirits. A popular sweetener for many centuries, the origins of grenadine syrup has its roots in the Middle East where it was originally made with pomegranate juice. Today, grenadine gets its flavor from a blend of orange, raspberry, and lemon sweetened with sugar.

Also known as confectioner’s syrup, glucose syrup is often used in part with regular sugar because its high maltose content helps to soften the texture of candy and other desserts. It also adds volume as a thickening agent while also acting as a humectant, which helps food maintains its freshness and flavor.

One of the most popular condiments for the breakfast table, pancake syrup adds the finishing touches to a stack of classic hotcakes. Along with melted butter, maple flavored pancake syrup soaks into fluffy pancakes, waffles, and French toast, giving you a sweet and tender bite.

Make your cocktail bar complete with elderflower syrup, a classic cordial that originated from Europe. Made with freshly picked elderflowers, lemon juice, and spring water, Belvoir elderflower cordial is perfect for brightening up cocktails and desserts with sweet, flower-infused flavors.

Made with all natural ingredients, hibiscus flowers in syrup are an edible delicacy sweetened with cane sugar. The tangy mixed berry flavor of the syrup and the lovely red hibiscus petals add a special touch to fancy cocktails, desserts, and other culinary creations. Although it isn’t a native plant, the wild hibiscus flower has grown in Australia for thousands of years, and historians believe that it was first introduced by Indonesian fisherman. Today, wild hibiscus flowers are sustainably harvested on the edges of the Gondwana rainforest.

How are various syrups used?

Wild hibiscus flowers in syrup are the flagship product from the Wild Hibiscus Flower Company, and for good reason. A favorite way to use this specialty product is to place a single flower in a champagne flute and then fill with champagne or sparkling white wine. The petals will open up into an exquisite blossom; a splash of the crimson-colored syrup gives your drink an attractive light pink color and touch of tangy sweetness.

The Toschi brand makes a variety of fruit syrups that can infuse fresh fruit flavors into slushies, milkshakes, and other desserts like ice cream or pudding. Choose from blueberry, black cherry, and more. Toschi also makes grenadine syrup, an essential ingredient in classic drinks like the Shirley Temple and Tequila Sunrise.

Known for their line of flavorful syrups that contain zero calories, fat, carbs, gluten, or sugars, Walden Farms lets you enjoy lots of flavor but without the guilt. Choose from classic flavors like pancake syrup and caramel or blueberry and chocolate for a little variety.

From caramel and vanilla to raspberry and sugar-free, you’ll find a large variety of Torani syrups at Supermarket Italy. When you stock your kitchen with the full line-up of these flavorful specialty syrups, you can easily add a gourmet twist to many different cocktails and desserts.

Another must-have for your pantry, Yakami Orchard sauces like ponzu and yuzu juice is an easy way to give your favorite recipes a dash of authentic Asian flavor.

Where to buy various syrups

Besides using high-quality ingredients, a range of syrups is essential for adding depth and complexity to everyday meals. Shop our selection of premium specialty syrups today and get ready to elevate your cooking with these select gourmet condiments.