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Tagliatelle / Tagliolini

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What is tagliatelle pasta?

Tagliatelle is one of many flat ribbon pastas. Tagliolini, linguine, pappardelle, and fettuccine noodles are also in this same category. The difference between all of these types of pasta is the width of the noodles. Tagliatelle is usually about 9.5 millimeters wide.

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What types of tagliatelle are there?

Tagliatelle can come in two colors: its normal yellow or a spinach green. Green tagliatelle is a type of spinach pasta, which changes both the color and the taste of the noodles.

What are popular tagliatelle pasta recipes?

Whether you’re making a dish with spinach tagliatelle pasta or regular tagliatelle pasta, use a ragu sauce or a thick cream sauce. Tagliatelle bolognese is an Italian staple. If you’re not in the mood for Tagliatelle bolognese, pair these noodles with a creamy cheese sauce, vegetables such as mushrooms or peas, and chicken or seafood. (The alfredo sauce we all know and love is another reason why this type of pasta often gets confused for fettuccine noodles.)