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What is bucatini pasta?

Bucatini pasta is similar to spaghetti, only thicker and with a hole running through the center of the noodle. Because bucatini is like a thin tube, it is able to hold pasta sauce inside it as well as being coated with sauce on the outside.

Why choose bucatini pasta?

People love bucatini pasta because it is a heartier bite than regular spaghetti. The fact that it can hold sauce inside the noodle gives it much more flavor. For this reason, many bucatini pasta recipes include a creamy sauce.

What pasta dishes can I make with bucatini?

The typical carbonara pasta recipe is made with spaghetti noodles, but next time, try using bucatini pasta instead. Carbonara sauce is one of the most popular sauce choices to use with this type of pasta. Another popular bucatini pasta recipe is Cacio e Pepe, translating from Italian to mean “cheese and pepper.” This creamy cheese sauce is a heavenly match for bucatini.

What types of bucatini can I get from Supermarket Italy?

Supermarket Italy sells several brands of bucatini, including the ever-popular Giuseppe Cocco and Rustichella D’Abruzzo. Both single orders and multi-pack orders are available!