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What are Italian herbs and spices?

Harvested and cultivated in the heartland of Italy and beyond, herbs and spices are a cooking essential for all types of dishes, from savory to sweet. The aromatics of herbs lend a bright and fresh flavor to meats, salads, sandwiches, and more. Combined with dried herbs, the heat and complexity of spices help to bring out all the other flavors of a dish. Adding to their vibrant taste and aroma, Italian herbs and spices also have many nutrients such as minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. Read More

Classic Italian cuisine varies from region to region, but one category that remains relatively constant is the blend of Italian herbs and spices. From garlic and paprika to dill and saffron, Supermarket Italy has everything you need for a fully stocked spice rack, the essential tool for every cook’s arsenal.

What dishes use Italian herbs and spices?

Each type of herb and spice has its own unique flavor and use in Italian cooking. Whatever you’re showcasing in a dish, culinary herbs and spices help to draw out all the delicious flavors. Italian recipes usually call for 2 to 3 herbs, which is why many cooks prefer individual herbs and spices rather than blends.

Give any savory dish a hint of warmth and complexity with the heat of chili peppers from Tutto Calabria, a premium brand imported from Italy. Choose from several varieties such as crushed hot peppers and their signature meat sauce, TuttoSugo Nguja. These versatile ingredients bring a delicious and savory heat to many dishes, including pasta, pizza, and as a spread on sandwiches or appetizers.

Whatever the season, bring the flavor of spring to your favorite recipes with Castella dried tarragon leaves. Use it to season sauces, marinate fish, and so much more. The bittersweet, licorice-like flavor helps to freshen the rich and buttery flavors of meat and cream-based dressings. It’s also an essential ingredient in bearnaise sauce, relishes, vinegar, and mustard.

Supermarket Italy also offers Castella fancy dill weed, a fresh and flavorful herb that pairs perfectly with garlic. Together, this popular flavor duo provides a balanced amount of heat and freshness; these seasonings are used together in creamy dressings, handcrafted pickles, meat sauces and more.

The most expensive food in the world, Saffron is a highly valued Spanish herb that imparts a complex flavor to dishes that is subtle yet profoundly delicious. It never overwhelms but enhances the surrounding flavors with an elevated aroma and flavor. Produced from hand-picked flowers, pure Spanish saffron from Supermarket Italy is a traditional spice used in paella, risotto, saffron rice, and many other Spanish dishes.

Another spice for your shopping checklist, Castella ground cloves have a rich, robust flavor that is ideal for complimenting meats, desserts, fresh fruit, and cookies. With hints of sweetness and spice, cloves also make the perfect seasoning for hams, marinades, and sauces.

At Supermarket Italy, you’ll also find a selection of dried seeds by Castella such as caraway, which adds small notes of fennel and Anis flavor to sweet and savory dishes. For sublime hints of freshness and zing, sprinkle whole seeds on loaves of bread and cookies or incorporate them into meals that call for cooked veggies. With the versatile flavor of caraway seeds, the possibilities in the kitchen are seemingly limitless.

Another Castella variety to include in your spice rack, whole fennel seeds have a licorice-like flavor that is similar to Anis but not as sweet. Most people recognize its characteristic flavor from classic foods like Italian sausage and traditional fish dishes. Fennell seeds can be used in many capacities, including bread baking, meat, and veggies.

An essential spice used in BBQ, Spanish cuisine, and more, Paprika has a smoky and vibrant flavor that can be used in many different recipes. Sprinkle it over everyday food like hummus for a Middleastern flair or on deviled eggs for a hint of spice. When used in meat rubs and marinades, it also pairs well with popular seasonings like garlic and cayenne.

Where to buy Italian herbs and spices

When you buy spices and herbs online from Supermarket Italy, you’ll have everything you need to make your favorite Italian dishes and so much more.