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What is elicoidali pasta?

Elicoidali is a type of pasta that comes from Southern Italy. At first glance, it looks a lot like rigatoni pasta, but there are a few minor differences. Elicoidali is slightly curved and therefore, so are the ridges in the pasta. The tubular pasta is also slightly narrower and longer than rigatoni.

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What is the difference between elicoidali pasta and tortiglioni pasta?

Elicoidali is also often confused with tortiglioni pasta, but they, too, have their differences. First of all, tortiglioni is more of a Northern Italy pasta dish. Tortiglioni can also be bigger and more straight than the curved elicoidali. However, because they are so similar, all of these types of pasta can usually be used in the same types of pasta recipes.

What types of dishes can I make with elicoidali?

Being a relatively thick, tubular Southern Italian pasta, elicoidali is best prepared with other ingredients from Southern Italy, as well as hearty sauces like ragu sauce. Ragu recipes are usually made with some kind of ground meat as well as onions and tomatoes. Pasta dishes like this Blue Apron recipe for Creamy Beef Ragu with Spinach & Cheddar Cheese is a great example of how elicoidali pasta can combined with a thick sauce and a highly texturized vegetable.