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Where does rigatoni pasta come from?

Rigatoni pasta has historically been most popular in Central and Southern Italy, particularly in Rome and Sicily. The word actually comes from the Italian rigate, which translates to “ridges.” (You’ll often see “rigate” attached to other types of pasta names to indicate this texture.) Rigatoni is defined by its wide, tubular shape and it’s generally straight ridges.

Are there different types of rigatoni?

Yes! The standard rigatoni that most people know is straight, but rigatoni pasta can also be slightly curved. The length of this pasta type also varies.

What are traditional Sicilian recipes for rigatoni?

Sicilian food is very rich and rustic. Tasty tomato sauce, eggplant, ricotta cheese, and basil can do wonders for your rigatoni dishes. Other Sicilian recipes call for baked pasta with⁠—you guessed it⁠—eggplant and ricotta cheese. These simple ingredients are at the heart of Sicilian food. Rigatoni Bolognese is also extremely popular in Southern Italy. You can’t go wrong with rigatoni and a meaty sauce!