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What is pappardelle pasta?

Pappardelle is the largest flat ribbon pasta with a width that can be as big as one full inch. It’s such a big noodle that the Italian word it stems from literally means “to gobble up.” Because pappardelle noodles are so large, the people of Tuscany (where pappardelle is from) usually eat them in the fall and winter.

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What kind of pasta sauce goes best with pappardelle?

Heavy noodles demand heavy sauces, which is why it is most common to see pappardelle pasta served with a thick ragu sauce, otherwise known as pappardelle bolognese. But it’s not just the ragu sauce that makes pappardelle noodles special, it’s the type of meat that goes with it.

What type of meat goes best with pappardelle?

Pappardelle pasta with ragu sauce typically features wild game. While you can use a standard beef recipe for your pappardelle bolognese, Tuscans tend to use wild boar, venison, and hare.